Violent Crime in West Virginia

Being charged with a violent crime could ruin your life. Whether the criminal charges are domestic violence or as secrious as murder.

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Violent crimes cover a broad spectrum of criminal offenses in the West Virginia justice system. Everything from a street fight to a murder can lead to West Virginia criminal charges.

Often, the difference in the outcome may turn on the ability of the lawyer you hire to defend you against the charges.

Clarksburg, West Virginia, criminal lawyer Todd La Neve has been handling defense of violent crime charges for much of his career and knows how to prepare an effective defense.

Many people can immediately recall a situation in which someone they know has been accused of an act of violence, such as a domestic battery charge. Often, there is solid evidence that proves someone was accused simply out of spite by a former boyfriend or girlfriend.

Unfortunately, that accusation will usually mean an arrest takes place and the person must defend himself or herself against a meritless charge. While the charge may seem ridiculous, not defending it as thoroughly as possible may mean a lifetime of negative consequences.

It’s Crucial to Hire an Experienced West Virginia Criminal Lawyer

Lives can be ruined by convictions for a West Virginia violent crime offense, which means it is critical for those accused of such crimes to hire an experienced West Virginia criminal lawyer like Todd La Neve.

Criminal attorney La Neve has defended clients accused of murder, malicious wounding, assault of police officers, attempted murder, and numerous misdemeanor offenses involving an act of violence.

A good defense involves gaining a solid understanding of the facts and establishing the circumstances under which the alleged crime occurred.

At times, it can be proven that the accused person was acting in self-defense and did not actually do anything illegal. It may also be the case that a violent encounter was a mutual occurrence and not the one-sided event that it was claimed to be.

Thoroughly investigating the circumstances and interviewing witnesses can be critical to success in these cases.

Because of the consequences associated with a West Virginia felony violent crime conviction, an accused person should take immediate steps to protect his or her rights. Contact West Virginia criminal lawyer Todd La Neve right now.

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